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January 8, 2017


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How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Still wanting to get fit and lose that Christmas over-indulgence weight? You don’t need a specific diet plan telling you what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rather you’ll lose weight if you follow simple tried-and-true principles that your grandmother would have told you. Think of these as ‘guiding lights’ that can take you through the whole year. Here are my 8 best principles for weight loss to get you on the right track for 2017:


  1. Cut out the alcohol Give your liver a rest and say No to alcohol during January. I’m serious! Coupled to a new eating and fitness regime, staying away from alcohol is the best form of ‘detox’ you can give your body – without having to embark on a real detox (aka a semi-fast).Count the benefits. No more fuzzy heads the morning after, no more restless sleeps. More energy, more time to get things done, more kilos off without giving up the foods you love. Just look at the kilojoules you can save! Cut out two bottles full-strength beer and you cut 1120kJ (270 calories). Cut out two generous glasses red wine and you knock off 840kJ (200 calories). Easy.
  2. Cut out the ‘junk’ You know the stuff I mean – the chips, doughnuts, chocolate bars, lollies, ice creams and fast food that’s too easy to overeat and full of bad fats, salt and sugar. For most of us, these are the real undoing of our eating and the reason behind weight gain. Stick to the old-fashioned food basics – vegetables, proteins, whole grains, dairy, fruit and nuts – and you’ll be eating a healthy AND a lower-kilojoule diet.  Having said that, when you start eating healthy, it’s OK to have ONE favourite treat a day so you don’t end up bingeing from deprivation. One, eaten slowly, with every mouthful savoured, without guilt. One SMALL treat like a 20g snack bar of chocolate.
  3. Makeover your kitchen You can’t eat healthily if the fridge is full of caramel fudge ice cream and the pantry’s crammed with biscuits and crisps. Too hard! Clear out all that junk especially the stuff you know you can’t resist. No, don’t polish it off in a huge food fest – give it away or just ditch in the bin. Buy dried apricots or sultanas for when you crave something sweet; diet soft drink or sparkling mineral water for those time when you simply MUST have something cold and fizzy; carrots and celery sticks for the munchies.  Go shopping for healthy food for quick meals like canned salmon or tuna, cracker biscuits, eggs, steak, lean mince or sliced chicken, baked beans, fruit loaf, light cheese, low-fat yoghurt and bananas.
  4. Downscale those portions Everything – from wine to movie popcorn – has been so upsized in the last 10 years that none of us even realise that we’re eating twice as much as we used to. Talk about eating by stealth!  Even healthy fare like juice now comes in jumbo-sized 600ml buckets, not the standard tiny half glass (125ml) that the food guides all refer to. Whatever diet plan you opt for, keep the portions modest. Serve up an ‘average’ meal. Don’t go back for seconds. Pack leftovers away for another meal. As a rule of thumb, including vegetables and salad, eat small – remember the size of your stomach!
  5. 5. Get grain-wise Forget white, refined grains and over-sweetened cereals. Swap these for chewy wholemeal or low GI grain breads and wholegrain breakfast cereals with less added sugar. You get fibre, more vitamins and you’ll feel fuller so you’re less likely to pick between meals.
  6. 6. Start with water Get a new habit. Drink a glass of water before you start to eat. It fills up you so you don’t consume as much (true, this has been proven in research) and ensures you take in enough fluid, especially when it’s hot.
  7. Bulk up on salad or soup Make lunch or dinner a salad meal or add a side salad to dinner. Salads have few kilojoules (calories) and are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. They’re like a multi-vitamin in food form. Too cold for a salad? Go for a bowl of vegetable soup instead – works the same way as a hunger-buster. Think about it – why are there so many soup diets?
  8.  Be active as often as you can You gotta do it! There’s no escape – exercise is as important as what you eat. Get up 30 minutes earlier and go for a brisk walk or swim. Join a gym and book yourself a few sessions with a personal trainer if you need the motivation to establish a new training routine. Walk wherever you can.  Activity after work is the best tranquilizer, while speeding up your metabolism after a sedentary day.  Exercise is a stress release and makes you feel great!


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