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June 6, 2017


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Day 1

Breakfast:                     1 slice wholegrain toast with boiled egg

Morning Tea:                1 small apple

Lunch:                          Chicken and salad sandwich with teaspoon mustard

Afternoon Tea: 1 small mandarin

Dinner:             Grilled fish with 2 cups steamed veges/salad

Supper:                        ice block / 3 stewed prunes

Day 2

Breakfast:                     1 slice toast with small tin baked beans

Morning Tea:                1 small pear

Lunch:                          Rare roast beef and salad wrap

Afternoon Tea: 1 small orange

Dinner:                         120g skinless tandoori chicken strips cooked in tandoori sauce and salad

Supper:                        Jarrah hot chocolate/ 125g tinned fruit

Day 3

Breakfast:                     ¼ cup untoasted muesli with 200g low fat yoghurt

Morning Tea:                3 dried figs

Lunch:                          100g Turkey and salad in pita with cranberry jelly

Afternoon Tea: 3 vitawheat with tomato and black pepper

Dinner:             100g grilled fillet steak, baked potato, 2 cups cabbage salad

Supper:                        Jarrah/Swiss Miss/Cadbury Lite hot/125g tinned fruit

Day 4

Breakfast:                     1 slice wholegrain toast with 3 Tblsp Ricotta, a drizzle honey

Morning Tea:                100g fruche-lite

Lunch:                          Tuna salad

Afternoon Tea: 1 apple

Dinner:             Stir fry chicken and veges with 1 cup rice cooked                     

Supper:                        3 squares chocolate / 2 apricots


Day 5

Breakfast:                     ½ cup cereal

Morning Tea:                15 grapes

Lunch:                          miso soup, 2 sushi rolls

Afternoon Tea: 1 mandarin

Dinner:             150g Grilled fish and salad

Supper:                        low joule jelly

Day 6

Breakfast:                     2 Ryvita with 90g cottage cheese and tomato

Morning Tea:                2 sweet biscuits/ 200g low fat yoghurt

Lunch:                          Chicken burger

Afternoon Tea: ice block/1 pear

Dinner:             Stir fry chicken and vegetables

Supper:                        200g low fat yoghurt


Day 7

Breakfast:                     1 slice sour dough toast with slice tasty cheese and tomato

Morning Tea:                1 orange

Lunch:                          Greek salad

Afternoon Tea: 3 dates

Dinner:             Stir fry vegetables with 100g tofu/100g beef

Supper:                        jarrah hot chocolate/swiss miss/ lite ovaltine and low joule jelly


Daily:  2 cups low fat milk; 2 teaspoons fat


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