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December 5, 2017


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A sense of “normal” is important when you are altering your lifestyle to eat and exercise properly.


Learning a sense of portion is essential.  If you are working on losing weight you may be familiar with the suggestion that you try serving up your meals on smaller plates or bowls to trick yourself into thinking you are actually eating a more substantial portion.  University of Pennsylvania researchers have confirmed the psychological basis for that tip in a series of experiments including one in which they varied the size of the scoop with which unwitting subjects helped themselves to M&Ms. The bigger the scoop, the more chocolate was taken, an example of what the researchers termed ‘unit bias’, or the tendency for us to eat what is culturally accepted as the right portion size.  Australians eat too much, so be wary of the quantity you put on your plate, or you eat at restaurants.  Too much has become normal.


Exercise to feel good and relax!  Such great weather, make the most of it!


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